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Come Have A Drink With Us

When you listen to us, you are part of our radio family. We focus our show on inclusiveness, silliness, and kindness. Maybe a bit heavy on the silliness. 

Steve Maney (Like the month and body part – May-Knee) - Steve Maney’s radio career has taken him all over the US, from interning with Howard Stern to working with Elvis Duran, this radio veteran now calls Charlotte and Kiss 95.1 home. He is 1/3 of the Maney, Roy and LauRen Morning Show where he takes the mic by storm with his wild and humorous personality. Maney is a proud father of two and a dedicated husband to his wife Amanda. They have recently adopted a boxer from the NC boxer rescue, and he is an active member of the Charlotte community raising funds for our local Children’s Hospitals, the American Cancer Society and now Autism Strong! 

Roy Brown is a proud drama queen. Have you ever met that person that has no filter, yet regardless of what they say you love them anyway? That's Roy. Roy has been a radio broadcaster for over 12 years and has always lived right here in the South. Originally from Roanoke, Virginia, Roy can be found with his partner Sterling and his dog Cali exploring different wine bars and restaurants.  Fun Fact about Roy: He is a Harvard graduate and owns 2 off. 

LauRen Merola Strager is a former NFL & NBA cheerleader turned radio host. Kicking off her career in Miami as a sports broadcaster, LauRen has always dreamed of segwaying, her love for TV into radio and thus the Maney, Roy and LauRen Morning Show was born in 2015, on Kiss 95.1. LauRen is a former Miss Pennsylvania USA (placing in the top 5 at the nationally televised Miss USA pageant) and is a proud wife and mother of two. She is the owner and chief editor for her fashion and lifestyle Blog “All Of The F-Words” and is a champion for the Autism community.

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